Following Christmas holidays spent playing Cluedo, reading ‘whodunnit?’ books, and hearing the frenzy from the BBC reality game ‘The Traitors‘, Mr Mac and Mr Barnett decided to try and harness the children’s interest in investigating with a game to tax their brains and fuel their imaginations.

Played out over the course of a week, our children learned the importance of attention to detail, the significance of thorough and well-thought out questions, along with the art of diplomacy. Being immersed in the detective story gave the children an invitation to participate in a grand puzzle, within which they needed to slot the various pieces into place alongside the ‘Traitor’ characters they knew were amongst their midst. The teachers set the group challenges during the week, each designed to reveal clues as to whether children were ‘Faithful’ or ‘Traitor’.

Scroll to see who the 2 ‘Traitors’ were; one of them fooled the entire room completely!