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At Pennthorpe we encourage our children to ‘be unforgettably you’! We work hard to develop young people who can confidently take their place in the world, and prepare them to set about making it a better place for others. Mr Chris Murray, Head
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Through our innovative curriculum and co-curriculum we aim to inspire creativity and enable every pupil to experience success. Be it in academic or co-curricular studies, Pennthorpe’s goal is to be a centre of excellence for teaching and pupil outcomes; to develop a reflective, lifelong learning ethic in our pupils, and challenge children of all abilities to achieve excellence.

We also support all pupils and their families in selecting and preparing for the Senior School most suitable to their talents and ambitions.

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Through our Pennthorpe Purpose, and our Wellbeing Curriculum, we aim to promote happiness and fulfilment; inspiring and fostering an inner confidence and mutual respect in pupils.

We value each child, identifying and helping to develop each individuals’ strengths and passions, and investing emotionally in each pupil’s individual journey. Our goal is for every child to comprehend their place in the local and global community.

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Build Community

We work to build constructive relationships with local and regional communities, and aim to give demonstrable public benefit. This includes fostering strong, mutually supportive relationships with our parents, as well as with a diverse range of Senior Schools across the UK.

Our target is always to attract, develop and retain quality staff, who are innovative, passionate and committed to applying their skills to facilitate excellent learning.

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Own our Future

We will always prioritise our pupils in all of our decision making, and continually reinvest in our educational provision for their benefit.

We also want to reduce the school’s carbon footprint, and embrace diversity within our community, with a goal to honour, accept and appreciate the uniqueness of everyone.

We don’t follow a single religious denomination at Pennthorpe, but rather teach Religious Studies and Philosophy throughout our curriculum, covering a wide range of faiths and cultures with all our pupils. Our community includes children and staff members from a wide range of faiths (as well as of no faith), and our children learn respect of, and tolerance towards, these differences as part of the Pennthorpe Purpose.