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“[My children] love the after school supervision. The staff are such fun, and treat the children like extended family. It’s great peace of mind when I have to work late, knowing the children are spending their time constructively rather than stuck to a screen.” Mrs P, Parent

Our Extended Day comprises four types

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available from 07:30 for all children

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for Early Birds in the morning, or After School, there are supervision options to help parents manage staggered start and end times, and the chance for older children to get their Prep done at school in a class setting

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children can choose from a fantastic range of fun hobbies, to help them have new experiences, learn new skills, and gain a sense of achievement.

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a cold meal available as a takeaway, or with supervision until as late as 19:00 for some children

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Flexibility is the name of the game

Extended Day options can be booked by the term in advance and, with the exception of Hobbies, on a day-to-day ad hoc basis too (subject to availability).

Today’s busy lives mean parents are often spinning many plates. The opportunity for children to be absorbed in socialising with other children, learning a new skill, or catching up on homework in a conducive environment, rather than playing video games, watching television or scrolling social media, can only be a good thing for young people, their development and academic performance.

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The programme of Hobbies is designed to have elements that will appeal to all our children. There are opportunities for fitness, learning new skills (or improving existing ones), academic improvement, or just sheer fun.

Participation helps our children build their confidence, make new friends and inspire their future path. All the opportunities available are synonymous with the Pennthorpe Purpose, and add to the rich culture of the school.

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“When I grow up I want to be a storm chaser like Mr Betts! It was so exciting when there was a storm at Young Adventurers and we were tracking the lightening to make sure it wasn’t too nearby!” Year 3 pupil and future storm chaser!
Mountain Biking
Musical Theatre
Goblin Green Power
Young Adventurers
Chamber Choir

More Information and Pricing

Our programme of Hobbies is reviewed termly, to ensure it reflects the interests of our current children and works best for each given season. Hobbies are priced individually and are charged on a termly basis.
For more information about any element of our Extended Day, please contact the team in our bursary (