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Everybody is Somebody

At Pennthorpe, children are uniquely valued for who they are, and for their individual strengths and passions. Whether in maths or textiles, cello or rugby, all skills are celebrated – everybody is somebody at Pennthorpe.

Children are deeply involved in their learning, demonstrated by their enthusiasm, their desire to learn new things and take risks, and their willingness to be in the driving seat of their own destiny. Children take responsibility for who, and what, they are becoming, in addition to who they aspire to be. Hopes and dreams become a reality at Pennthorpe.

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Building Character

Our broad and skills based curriculum requires our children to be authentic, independent learners; to trust their instincts and to be bold.

We teach our children how to learn, and then give them the tools and inspiration to challenge themselves.

We embrace our failings; enabling our children to experience and overcome disappointment and fear, as well as gain perspective. Our innovative curriculum enables our children to dabble in everything, whilst giving them time to become thinkers, time to reflect, time to work slowly as well as quickly. We work hard to develop young people who can confidently take their place in the world, and prepare them to set about making it a better place for others.

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The Dream Team

Our exceptional staff team is integral to Pennthorpe’s happy environment.

The knowledge, passion, care and diversity of our team, complemented by our bespoke Wellbeing Curriculum, with its innovative elements such as our termly Happiness Tracker, creates Pennthorpe’s very exciting atmosphere. We are committed to helping our children be happy, healthy and flourish. This is the foundation upon which academic success is built.


Topping it all off with our 26 acre, tardis-like campus, which is crammed with first rate, extensive facilities, means Pennthorpe offers a desirable education few could contend!

I feel both honoured and privileged to be leading such a phenomenal school and would welcome the opportunity to share our adventure and start you on your own journey at Pennthorpe.


Chris Murray BA (Hons) PGCE