First of all, they got to work setting up their beds in the classroom, there were some amazing teddies and sleeping bags. The children were so excited, who knew the idea of sleeping in a classroom would be so much fun!

After they had done that, they got their wellies and waterproofs on and headed into the woods. There, they were met by Mr Borley, the owner of The Practical Forest School, based in Horsham. Mr Borley explained a few very important rules of forest school, safety first! After the children had listened carefully to all of the activities and the rules, it was time to play!

There was fire-lighting, low-ropes, hammocks, bug-hunting, clay, charcoal, den-building, as well as good old free play in the woods. The children freely chose their activities and had an absolute ball.

They toasted marshmallows, had hot chocolate and then ate sausages cooked on the fire by Mr Borley.