On the rainy Wednesday this week, our Year 3 children headed to Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.

This trip was to celebrate our topic ‘Underground, Overground’ coming to an end and to consolidate all of our learning about space.

We used our collaboration skills to decorate rockets, thinking about aerodynamics, style and practicality. We learned that we had to shake the rockets, to turn the chemical inside into vapour, as this is what propelled the rocket forward when Layla the Scientist lit them.

Rocket building

After lunch, it was time to go into the planetarium for the showing. We zoomed around the solar system, learning about constellations, all of the planets and all of the solar systems that there are in the galaxy! It was truly enchanting!

Winchester Planetarium


Next, we went downstairs to play in the ‘Explore Space’ section. It was set up like a real rocket ship and there were so many things to play with, read and experiment with. Including a disco room! We’re not sure that real rockets have those, but we like to think they might!

Explore Space

After that, we explored the current sound exhibit in the Science Centre. We learned about how fast sound travels, vibrations and so much more. We even got to use our communication skills to role play as builders, using a crane to lift bricks and all worked together to build a house for Lukey.


It was a really special day. To infinity and Beyond!