The first day saw children hurtling downhill in inflatable rubber rings called Sno Tubes. The children absolutely loved the thrill of sliding along at top speed and were only a fraction less enthusiastic about walking back up the long, steep hillside! They were also challenged to stack plastic crates (similar to the old fashioned milk crates) as high as they could go while standing on top of them. Using their communication and collaboration skills, each pair who attempted the challenge were determined to better the record of eleven crates high and many came extremely close.
Following an evening of games, the excited throng trooped wearily off to bed.

The next day brought heaps more fun and even the inclement weather couldn’t dampen the children’s spirits. Whether crawling through underground tunnels in the dark, conquering challenges designed to develop their teamwork, or zooming down the zip wire, the day was full of shrieks of excitement and gales of laughter. All returned home utterly exhausted but thoroughly delighted.

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