The class started the day at a robotics workshop where they built a Lego robot and programmed it to manoeuvre around a table.

After a quick snack break it was time for the Haunted House and the Kingdom of the Pharos to go on the Scarab Bouncers and play on some Lego computer games. Miss Annan showed her expertise on the Raiders ride, where you use a laser gun to score points. Miss Annan came top with 33,000 points, Freddie closely followed with 26,000 points.

The class then split into two groups, with one going off to enjoy a boat trip and the others to brave the dragon ride. The boat ride proved to be a very calm and ’piece-ful’ ride, while the dragon provided a few screams! The pupils ended the day with ice creams before heading back to Pennthorpe.

Year 7 wish to say a huge thank you to Mrs Kerr for organising such a fun trip and hope to be able to do more Lego robotics at Pennthorpe in the near future.