In the morning, the children learned all about the history of chocolate and how it came to be something consumed so widely.

They then listened to the Maya Folktale, ‘The Chocolate Tree’. The story told them how the Maya people believed that chocolate came into their lives. They believed it was a gift from Paradise from the God Kukulkan, he brought them a Cacao tree and taught them how to make Chocolatl (Maya hot chocolate).

Then, the children designed their own chocolate bars, solved the Maths Mystery of the missing chocolate and listened to a few chapters from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

The children also designed and created their own chocolate boxes, ready to use later on.

After lunch, it was time to celebrate chocolate in their favourite way, by eating and drinking it! The children ground up Cacao nibs with a pestle and mortar to create a traditional Maya hot chocolate. After trying the traditional drink, the children had a more modern hot chocolate, complete with cream and sprinkles!

Then, the children made their own chocolate truffles to put in their chocolate boxes, ready to take home. They decorated their truffles with their chosen decorations and resisted temptation to eat them up straight away.