Yr 7 Volunteer Readers have been reading to their Elderly Listener during their break time. Each reader has chosen a book and reads either in a pair or individually. The Elderly Listeners are based all over the UK and are listening from their own home or in a Care home. It has been a truly wonderful experience thus far for all involved!


  • “A heartwarming experience” – Freddie


  • “It is really fun as you get to read to someone new” – Saskia


  • “It was quite sad to realize how lonely they are. I felt good doing it” – Poppy


  • “I was quite scared at first but then it wasn’t scary – It was great” – Vincent


  • “It felt really good doing it. It feels right to be doing something for those who don’t have much communication.” – Logan


If you know of anyone who would benefit from being a Listener visit https://silverstories.co.uk/contact/