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Our Aim

Designed to bring the exciting world of science alive for children who don’t have a lab at school, we take the lab on the road and bring science to you! Providing quality interactive learning experiences, created by our team of expert scientists, we come ready with all the equipment and enthusiasm required to bring a range of fun and weird science experiments to life.

Click here to see Mr Shaw in action at St John’s Primary!

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Meet Mr Shaw

Mr Shaw is the Head of Science here at Pennthorpe. Our resident ‘Wow Creator’, his passion for Science is felt by all who meet him. When asked to summarise the Science Roadshow he said ‘I blow things up, create smoke and flames, defy gravity and produce a colourful rainbow of science magic’. 

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The whole school is buzzing ... Mr Shaw, you are a superstar! Arunside Primary School
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What to Expect

The Science Roadshow is split into two 30 minute sessions:

Key Stage 1 (Indoors)

  • Genie in a bottle
  • Turning water into wine… and back again!
  • Making water disappear
  • Water that defies gravity
  • Creating the colours of the rainbow from colourless liquids
  • Indoor volcano in 2 sections – smoke and flames & foaming hot ‘lava’

Key Stage 2 (Indoors then Outdoors)

  • Science magic
  • Elephants toothpaste
  • Screaming jelly baby
  • Thermite Reaction
  • Water bottle rocket.
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A massive thanks to Mr Shaw for entertaining and educating the children, as well as eliciting some truly wonderful reactions! St Johns Catholic Primary School

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The feedback has been great from the children (and staff). Several of the girls in my class said they want to be scientists after seeing that. To quote one, "I feel like I want to do science when I am older". St Mary's Horsham