On Monday the children worked their way through four academic enriching workshops, Maths, History, Creative writing and Science.

The Maths Enrichment was all about fractions! The children had to find 6 interesting ways of dividing a square into half. They coloured, counted, divided, and participated in lots of problem solving.

The History Enrichment gave the children a taster of the History topics the children will look at during their time at Pennthorpe; Ancient Greece, The Victorians, The Tudors, The Iron Age and the Egyptians. We then played match the item to it’s Historical counterpart. Who knew phones looked so different when Alexander Bell invented them? Finally, the children worked with a partner to complete the, ‘What was it for?’ this featured dolls that cost a penny, oil lamps and an item that definitely wasn’t a tea cup… prompting questions of ‘did people really wee in that'(!).

During the creative writing workshop the children had to put on their imagination hats. They were asked cut out the shape of their written name to make a shape. Using this shape they had to create a new character. They had to give their creative character a name, personality and describe their features.

On Thursday and Friday the children embraced another carousel of workshops again, this time all activities focused on some of our Learning Friends.

The Reflective Robin PSB Enrichment was all about ‘Learnish’. This allowed children to think about the language they can use to help promote reflection and Growth Mindset. “I’m not great at this, but I will try…” “I wonder what will happen if…” “I imagine that this will happen….” Learning to talk in ‘Learnish’ will help us learn!!

The Independent Iggy PSB Enrichment helped children to recognise things they really can do on their own. Can you make your own glass of squash? Can you make your own bowl of cereal? How long does it take you to get your shoes and socks on by yourself? The children showed just how independent they can be completing a small task can be a big help!

In the Leadership Llama team building session we discussed what a leader was and what makes for a good leader. The children then worked in pairs to build Lego towers, however only one child had the instructions, so they had to use their leadership, communication and supportive skills to explain to their partner how to build a Lego tower. The children loved building a range of towers and becoming a collaborative, kind and supportive leader.

The Participating Penguin Enrichment was focused on the children giving it a go and participating in lots of different team building activities. They played lots of team games and worked together to have fun and encourage each other to give anything a go even if they’re finding it tricky or it isn’t going to plan.