Alongside normal lessons, there has been a new initiative for the week called “Drop Everything and Listen” – this was a chance for everyone in the school to stop whatever they are doing and just listen to some music. Some of it was pop music, some was rock and some was classical. The children spent time focusing on what this music meant to them and have been introduced to all sorts of new music!🎵

The week got off to a great start with a fabulously fun Samba workshop with Year 1. The children created their own Samba band, dancing and playing traditional instruments. They used rhythmic phrases such as “Have you got a dog, a great big dog” to build up our own grooves and then worked on some call and response patterns too! The children worked super hard and produced some excellent work.

On Tuesday, a number of our Year 6 pupil’s spent the day auditioning and performing in our Braby Scholarship Day – the children performed all sorts of skills from singing, playing instruments, DJing, reciting poetry and performing monologues. The standard was amazingly high and we had so much fun hearing all of the brilliant answers to the challenging questions!

Meanwhile, our Year 7 class have been learning about using Music technology with a demo on GarageBand ready for their next project. They even created a brand new version of the song “Believer” by Image Dragons using loops and software instruments on the programme.

The Year 3 children were all presented with their compositions from this term which have all been handwritten. The music was all celebrated in their lesson where everyone enjoyed the world premiere of each piece of music written by the class – some amazing work has been produced and we are super proud of everything they have achieved.

The end of the week saw Karaoke, Puppetry, Improvisations, Stage Designing, Costume Designing and preparations for our Musical Extravaganza, Year 5 and 6 shows as well as the first rehearsals for our Year 7 and 8 shows too – a really busy week! Everything finished off with some break time karaoke for the prep school. Singing and dancing around the terrace and interrupting all the important meetings happening in the main house!

We’ve had a blast this week!