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Theme Days

Whether to celebrate a seasonal delicacy, a festival of culture, or a significant date, our catering team hosts regular theme days. These present opportunities for our children to try something new, have fun with their food, and complement their learning. Recent themes include our annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Japanese Sushi making, a strawberry laden Wimbledon lunch, an Indian experience, and even ‘Yoda Sodas’ on May 4th!

At the end of each term the children stage a kitchen take over and vote for a menu of their choice; always a winner!

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Food Council

We have an elected pupil Food Council, who work with the catering team to plan the menus; representing their peers’ likes and dislikes, and trying to ensure a balanced diet for all. The Food Council embark on projects close to their heart, such as ‘no meat Fridays’ and monitoring food wastage.

Recently they have organised for a ‘smoothie bike’ to come to school, which demonstrated to children how by harnessing their pedal power they could mechanically power a fruit blender to produce a tasty and nutritious drink; a great experiment which encouraged the children to try new fruits and embrace exercise all in one!

Current Menus

We operate a 3-week rotational menu to keep things fresh and interesting. The first week of term starts at week 1, and then we move through cyclically. If you have any questions about the menu, or would like to discuss your child’s diet, please do get in touch at