I have been at Pennthorpe for many years now and, sadly, there have been several members of staff who have lost their lives to cancer over the years.  Many people probably don’t notice the lovely stained-glass window by the front office that has the inscription ‘our friend Nina’. Nina was the grandmother of one of our current Pennthorpe pupils, and was a very dear colleague of ours. She was a lovely person who truly was a friend to all, sadly taken from us at the age of 42. Since then, there has been Georgie, Jane, Rhiannon and Lucy.

My own family has also been impacted hugely by cancer.

So, when a friend said that they were walking a South Coast Half Marathon on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support I jumped at the chance to take part.

Macmillan provide support for people living with cancer at every stage of their cancer experience and I saw this is a great opportunity to remember the colleagues I have worked with and to provide help for those people currently living with cancer.

Any financial support that you could give would be greatly appreciated as I attempt to reach my target of £250. Any donations that you are able to make can be made via my Just Giving page.