They explored a city packed with job and career opportunities where industry experts were on hand to train, guide and discuss their roles plus answer questions about their careers.

Pennthorpe pupils were invited to train and then role play in a variety of jobs, earning and spending KidZania currency throughout the day.

Fashion Designers, Cartoon Creators, TV Presenters, Police, Journalists, Couriers, Supermarket Assistants, Firefighters, Radio Hosts, Vets, Hotel Housekeepers, Paramedics, Agents at the CIA (Children’s Intelligence Agency) and many more, all proved popular choices for our Year 5 pupils.

Will S loved the fact he could “interact with jobs” and his best bit was “riding in the fire truck” and Charlie’s favourite job was in the Cartoon studio where he “got to make more Pokemon”. Romilly added, – “I would go back to KidZania because I like the feeling of being responsible and being able to make my own decisions”.