Could you complete a Tetris grid with no spare squares left? Could you cross an Electric Fence without breaking your connection? How well and quickly could you erect and pack away a four-man tent? and could you combine your Sporty and Maths skills to ‘bank’ the most points for your team?

These were just some of the ‘C’hallenges facing our Years 5 and 6 . ‘C’ommunication and ‘C’ollaboration were key to completing these tasks as the children quickly discovered during their action packed morning which ended in a ‘recycle runway’ fashion show. As the sun returned in the afternoon, the teams raced across the Pennthorpe campus solving a series of clues and riddles to take them to a location where they had to ‘strike a pose’ for the most imaginative team picture. As you can see great fun was had by all.

At the end of the day, the children relaxed in the shade with a cooling ice lolly for a ‘Triple C’ debrief.

A special mention to the following pupils who impressed the Year 5 and 6 Pastoral staff team and excelled in one or more of the ‘Triple C’s’ throughout the day:

Make and play Tetris – A mindful strategic board game – Will C, Hugo, Freddie, William D, Rebecca, James and Felix. Special mention to the Green Team who managed to complete the game with no squares remaining. 

Electric Fence (please note the ‘fence’ was not electric and no pupils were harmed in the completion of this challenge!) – Hayden, Harriet W, William D, Will S, Lara, Will C and Tilda. Special mention from Mr Mac for the Green Team.

Bank It/ClockwiseA Sporty/Maths test of accuracy, speed and quick agreed decision making Harry, Bertie, Zara, William D, Callum, Will C, Sam F, Lexi and Tilda.

‘What Goes Up – Must Come Down’ – Erect and pack away a four-man tent – Zahira, Zara, Sam W, William D, Harry, William P and Will S.

Recycle Corridor CatwalkDesign, make and show off your team’s creativity by dressing and accessorizing a boy and girl in a complete outfit made from 100% recycling. Special mention goes to the Blue and Yellow Teams plus Summer, Sam F, Vivi and Charlie for modelling so creatively.

Amazing RaceHunt the letters, solve the conundrum to pick up a set of team riddles. Work out the clues to find a location and ‘strike a pose’ for an imaginative team photo. Winning Team – Red.