The course was designed to maximise the space and provide a challenge for all the competitors. Year 2 kick started the event and every year group in the school then raced at their allocated time. As a school we are incredibly proud of each and every one of our children as they all completed the course and supported each other when the going got tough.

Congratulations to the winners of each age category and given that this is the first time we have run this event, we have new school records too.

YearDistance (Miles)Boys Record MinutesGirls Record Minutes
50.8William P3:21.53Summer3:37.87
61.2Samuel W5:31.40Romily5:32.03

To work out the final house standings we added up all the placings for each house and divided by the number of runners to give an average; lowest average place per runner wins! House results below:

1st Tismans (average place of runner 5.97)

2nd Pallinghurst (average place of runner 6.24)

3rd Baynards (average place per runner 6.75)

4th Gaskyns (average place per runner 7.19)

A special mention to all the Year 8 pupils who helped the younger ones get round the course and especially to Knox, who ran the longest distance of anyone and Marcus for his excellent photography skills!