Our focus with Honeypot children over the last few weeks has been on how to explore our Forest School in a safe way. We speak about staying inside the boundary, how we move around Forest School safely, looking out for holes, logs and branches and how we hold a stick to avoid hurting one of our friends.

The Honeypot children have recently enjoyed a game of hide and seek! This has encouraged them to look carefully at the world around them as they search for their friends and given them new opportunities to collaborate with each other.
On a recent visit to Forest School, the children sat around the fire square and spoke about how to be safe lighting our first campfire. The children looked at a flint and steel and saw how this can be used to make a spark and light a campfire. They even enjoyed some tasty popcorn cooked by Mr Davies!

Honeypot are looking forward to many more adventures in our Forest School soon!