If you fancy yourself as an extreme reader, all you need to do is find an unusual situation or setting to grab a book and have a read!

It could be in a corner of your home, in a den, outside in a garden space, or out and about, on a train, by an ice rink, in a field or playground! Some examples of extreme reading are shared below to inspire you, but remember the more unique and whacky the better! Remember to keep safe and always tell an adult your plan.

Once you have decided on your location, get someone to take a photo of you and share it via email to library@pennthorpe.com by Friday 24th February.

There’s no limit to the extreme reading entries each child can share, but a maximum of 2 house points will be awarded for Extreme Reading entries.

Being in an unusual place or position can make reading more exciting, so we hope you enjoy seeking out an extreme reading spot/position, as well as enjoy the books you choose.