We were very fortunate to welcome Mr Alex Kerr, Head of Drama at Brighton College, as our Adjudicator for both events, taking place last week. Mr Kerr struggled to decide upon the winners because all of the children shone in their own way.  Maisie performed a wonderful rendition of ‘In the Ning Nang Nong’ by Spike Milligan (a tricky poem, but expertly delivered with a beaming smile, which won the heart of our adjudicator Mr Kerr).  Aurelie delighted us with her poem ‘Yet’ by Harriet Harrell.  We were all stunned by Aurelie’s rounded and confident performance.

Standing up and delivering a speech about something you feel passionate about was the task set by our Head of English, Mrs Weaver who was keen to enable children to practise the vital life skill of public speaking.  All the children rose to the challenge and the field was incredibly strong.  James’ humorous speech about his passion for ice-cream secured him the Year 6 Prize, however Ashwin should be highly commended for his interesting and confident speech about Computers and Hektor, we are sure is a politician of the future!  In Year 7 we had two winners, the stunning performance from Ethan on Dyslexia awarded him the Year 7 Prize, in fact Mr Kerr had to wipe a tear from his eye and Saskia scooped the overall prize for her heart-felt speech on Child Poverty.  Well done to Finn, Aymen and our winner Freddie, who despite being in the midst of their CE and scholarship exams excelled on the podium.


2022 Winners:

Year 3 Poetry – Maisie

Year 4 Poetry – Aurelie

Year 5 Poetry – Bertie

Overall winner – Aurelie


Year 6 Speak Up – James

Year 7 Speak Up – Ethan

Year 8 Speak Up –  Freddie

Overall winner – Saskia


A huge congratulations to each child that participated – both events were a roaring success!