We aim to make the admissions process as simple as possible. The process is bespoke to you and your family, geared to suit the needs of your children in a timeframe which will work for you. There are no formal Saturday morning assessments in a big hall with a squeaky shoed invigilator at Pennthorpe! We recognise that tests do not enable all children to demonstrate their true ability and we are seeking children who can bring more than the ability to pass an exam to Pennthorpe.

The process is informal and is based upon the children enjoying a Taster day with us, in the classrooms supported by a buddy. After all, we want them to love us as much as we will love them! Details of the Taster day and other entry procedures are outlined in the Admissions Policy below.

As with any new relationship, the first step is simply introducing oneself. You can do that with an email or phone call 01403 822391 to our Registrar, Catherine Pinder.  She’ll guide you through the rest of the process which will vary according to the age of your children.



“Sometimes the most brilliant and intelligent minds do not shine in standardised tests because they do not have standardised minds.”—Alexia Bolton, Headmistress

The Pennthorpe community is all about looking after each other

Hydration throughout our busy days!

'Young heroes' arriving at school

Taking care of each other

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