Born Not For Ourselves Alone (Cicero 55BC)
Non nobis solum nati





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Headmistress’ Welcome

Alexia Bolton MEd MA BA(Hons) QTS

Pennthorpe is a place of discovery where the concern for learning and dedication to every child’s happiness, confidence and success is relentless. Children are uniquely valued for who they are and their individual strengths and passions, whether maths or textiles, cello or rugby are celebrated: everybody is somebody at Pennthorpe. Children are deeply involved in their learning demonstrated by their enthusiasm, desire to learn new things, take risks and a willingness to take positive steps towards their futures. Children take responsibility for who and what they are becoming in addition to who they aspire to be. Hopes and dreams become a reality at Pennthorpe.

With an innovative curriculum which enables our children to dabble in everything, a staff who are exceptionally passionate, caring and talented and a tardis-like campus crammed with first rate, extensive facilities, Pennthorpe offers a desirable education few could contend!

I feel both honoured and privileged to be leading such a phenomenal school and would welcome the opportunity to share our adventure and start you on your own journey at Pennthorpe.