In the morning, the children headed down to the woods to take part in several different activities. They demonstrated their collaborative skills with their den-building, showed creativity with friendship bracelets, leaf rubbing and clay tree faces. And, of course, dived into the muddy stream for good measure!

After having a special snack and some hot chocolate, the children headed back for some more forest school activities.

After lunch, the children were put into groups. They built on their collaboration and communication skills by taking part in activities all over the school.

They built towers from spaghetti and marshmallows with Miss O’Reilly and Miss Goddard.

They fashioned some amazing outfits with Mrs Lodge.

They put their communication and listening skills to the test by completing a blind obstacle course with Miss Edsor.

They took part in problem-solving challenges with Mrs Weaver and Mrs Beaven.

They flexed their creative muscles with Mrs Creedy by creating nature collages and models.

The day was a great success and we are certain the children slept very well afterwards, and so did the teachers!