One of the things Miss Annan loves most about Maths is that we use it all the time without realising it. In fact, it’s hard to think of an activity that doesn’t involve any Maths at all! Here are Pennthorpe, we try to instil this in our children and encourage them to recognise the importance of learning Maths. When asking children about jobs that use Maths, many suggested shop keepers or teachers, but here’s a list of some alternative, and interesting, jobs that use Maths!

  1. Air traffic controller

Uses Maths in order to be able to understand distances and measurements at a moment’s notice. They also must be able to do mental Maths quickly and accurately.

  1. Roller coaster designer

There are many different curves in a coaster, and roller coaster engineers need to understand the mathematical properties of these curves.

  1. Chef

A chef’s routine includes simple to complex Maths calculations. Examples include counting portions, increasing a recipe yield, determining a ratio for preparing a stock, calculating a plate cost, or establishing a food and labour budget.

  1. Sports commentator

What is his batting average in cricket? How many goals have the scored compared to shots on target? How fast was that last serve? What is the score? How much time is left in the game? All of these are questions sports commentators need to be able to answer and discuss confidently, therefore needing to also understand the Maths involved!

  1. Fashion designer

Symmetry, patterns and shape are all considered when designing. Designers must also measure, consider fabrics and think about profit!

  1. Pilot

Pilots have to complete major Maths problems on the fly(!), and when they’re zipping through the air at 700 mph, maths skills are lifesaving. How high am I flying? What is my maximum speed? How much fuel do I have? How far can I fly on a full tank? What direction and speed is the wind? Which direction am I flying?

  1. Photographer

They have to calculate depth of field, determine the correct film speed, shutter speed, aperture, and exposure — and more. And to capture the moment, they need to do it all in a matter of minutes. Who knew so much Maths went into one photograph?

  1. Zoo designer

A zoo designer will look at the ratio of land to water in each enclosure depending on the animals to be housed. Volume becomes important for enclosures for animals, such as orangutans, as they need space to climb.

  1. Forensic scientist

One area of Maths that is crucial to forensic science is taking precise measurements at a crime scene. Knowing the exact length of a shoe print could later help rule out crime suspects whose shoes are the wrong size, for example.

  1. Game designer

Programmers must understand algorithms. Every game designer needs to have a good grasp of game theory – a branch of applied mathematics.