On Wednesday, pupils practiced their new spelling words by working in pairs and air writing the words for each other to guess. They competed at the end to see which team could best air write and guess the words.

​Year 4 also completed a practical experiment to demonstrate the process of human digestion. For their experiment, they were provided with a “meal” of baked beans on toast with a banana for pudding and orange juice to drink. They used a potato masher for the teeth, tights for the small intestine, a sponge for the large intestine and finally, they squeezed their “faeces” out of a plastic bag. Lots of “eww” and “yuck” but the final conclusion was that it was “gross fun” and a good way to show what happens to our food as it passes through our bodies!

​​Mrs Creedys English class have also been on a top secret mission this week in their creative writing lessons. They were each given a picture of a well-known childrens character, which they had to keep hidden. They then were challenged to create a description that used wow adjectives, strong verbs and figurative language, with the aim to ‘show not tell’ traits of their character.
To finish, the pictures were laid out on the floor, each pupil took it in turn to read out their work and their peers had to guess the character.
The pupils rose beautifully to the challenge and produced some amazing work. Take a look at the written work in the photo below, can you guess who Isabel has described?