Let them tell you some more details…

“We were separated into girls and boys, and all the girls had to do knitting. Our Victorian teacher (Miss Edsor) was very VERY strict. I had to wear the Dunce hat and we acted out getting the cane! It was really fun doing acting with Miss Edsor, but Victorian lessons aren’t meant to be fun!” – Freya

“Mr Mac was very strict when he was pretending to be a Victorian teacher! The teachers made us line up outside in the corridor and then we went into classrooms where the tables were in rows facing the board. The boys had to do technical drawings of trains which was very hard! Mr Mac ripped my work when I got it wrong! It was SO funny. I’m really glad I’m not a Victorian child and I get to be in Miss Edsor’s class in 2021!” – Lukey

Sounds like Miss Edsor and Mr Mac may have a career in acting coming their way!