Each student had £100,000 to start with and could choose between 5 of side businesses from their teachers to invest in:


  • Mr Shaw’s Science Road Show
  • Mrs Shadlock’s Art Gallery
  • Mr Yarrow’s debut album
  • Mr Blick, Mr Mac, Mr Barnett, Mr Bennett and Mr Franklin’s 5-a-side team
  • Mrs Waller’s Well-being Workshops

After picking how they’d split their money they worked out how their investments increased or decreased based on different events happening, for example when the 5-a-side team scored 2 own goals in a match and their value dropped by 65%!

After 3 rounds they worked out the total amount their investments were worth – Poppy had managed to make the most profit as she had very wisely chosen to invest in Mrs Waller, who’s well-being programme became a national success!

The children had great fun experiencing this real world application of their learning!