Prep (7-13 Years)


As our pupils move into and through the Upper School, the day extends, providing even more opportunity to weave experiential learning experiences into the core school day. The line between curriculum versus extracurricular fades even further, with many activities so embedded into the culture of Upper School life, like the French Trip or the Big Bang Science Fair, that the ‘compulsory or optional’ question never really arises.   Add to that the many workshops, day trips, residential learning experiences and special events that continually enrich the children’s learning, both within and outside of the core school day, and you begin to understand life at Pennthorpe.

Flexiday/Afterschool Clubs:

Our Flexiday Programme of afterschool clubs and care is extensive. Afterschool care is included up until the start time of each club and can be booked afterwards as required, on a termly or ad hoc basis. The programme changes from term to term, but regular Upper School clubs include:

LAMDA Drama Tuition
Climbing Wall
Dance – Tap/Jazz/Acrobatics
Tennis Academy
Performance Tennis (invitation)
Street/Acrobatics and Theatre Bike Maintenance Skills Multi Sports
Drama Chess
Goblin Cars (Race and Build)
Art Cookery Food Science


Children have the option to complete their Prep at school. Year 5&6 enjoy ‘supervised prep’ where there is support on hand from the academic staff. Year 7&8 complete their Prep in the Library with a member of the academic staff overseeing their work.

Crabbing at sunset on a residential trip

Constructing and racing Goblin Cars

Mountain biking in our woodlands