The children used Starburst sweets to create the three different types of rock, replicating the formation process.

For Metamorphic rocks the children warmed up the sweets using the heat of their hands and rolled the sweets between their hands to replicate the rock being subject to extreme heat and force and changing forms. The name metamorphic comes from Greek words meaning “change of shape.”

For Sedimentary rocks, the children squashed together several sweets to replicate sediment falling from cliffs into the sea and compacting at the bottom, forming layers of rock.

For igneous rocks, the children put the sweets into the microwave and watched them melt, mix together and then harden as they cooled. This represented the solidification of molten magma or lava, which turns into igneous rock.

The children loved the experiment, although it tested their ability to resist eating sweets to the absolute max!