Lower School (6-9 Years)

The Lower School Day

The Lower School timetabled day is full of exciting lessons and experiences with something for everyone and an eclectic balance between strong pastoral care and high academic expectations.

Early Morning/Breakfast Club:

Our classroom doors are open from 8.25/30am ready for us to welcome our children for their school day. However if parents need to drop their children off earlier than this, Pennthorpe runs a very successful Breakfast Club in the main Dining Room from 7.30am


Children in the Lower School are registered promptly in the morning at 8.30am, in order for the school day to begin. One of our missions in the Lower School is to encourage and aid independence. In Years 1 and 2, children are expected to independently put their belongings away. They must change their reading book and put it in the reading basket, put their book bags in their trays as well as hanging up their coats on labelled pegs before settling down to a morning activity/registration. Years 3 and 4 are expected to join their peers on the playground and then enter the Clock Block where they usually place their belongings in their locker.

Snack Time:

Snacks! Always an attention holding topic for little ones (and bigger ones too!) and vital to keep them going through the school day! In the Lower School, we provide a mid-morning snack to all children and a mid-afternoon snack to Years 1 and 2. The younger children are gently encouraged to eat a variety of fresh fruit during morning snack and in the afternoon they can choose between a home-made delicacy such as flapjack, shortbread or some other temptation provided by our chef. This is accompanied by a choice of milk or water to drink. Years 3 and 4 have access to a fully laden snack trolley and break time, offering the same delicious provisions.


All pupils go outside during break and lunchtimes to play unless there are adverse weather conditions. The children eat healthy and nutritious meals, prepared daily from scratch on site. Our experienced and much-loved catering team know the children individually and ensure that the children eat a hearty meal. Children are encouraged to make their own choice from a tempting array. This is a social time, where children chat about their day and try new food experiences. Manner and etiquette are modelled and encouraged at all times.

End of the School Day:

Children are dismissed individually to their parents or carer with a handshake and a “Good Afternoon”. Years 1 and 2 will be collected from their classrooms back door, while Years 3 and 4 will be collected from the Terrace. We are more than happy to discuss anything you would like to ask or hear concerns at this point in the day.

Daily information about learning and key events are recorded on a whiteboard displayed outside the classrooms at the beginning and end of the day. This ensures that parents have up to date information and can ask questions if required.

Flexiday After School Arrangements:

At Pennthorpe, we pride ourselves on our after school care for our tiny ones, right up to our oldest young people. We therefore are proud to offer our Flexiday experiences. Flexiday is a multi-activity after-school programme offering a variety of challenges and skills to Pennthorpe children and/or wrap around care to parents who need to drop off early or pick up late. A programme and application form of more than 25 activities (including Breakfast Club, Tea and After School Club) is published on the School Portal towards the end of each term when activities can be selected for the forthcoming term. These range from ballet through to wall climbing and mountain biking.



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