Lower School (6-9 Years)


The line between curricular and extracurricular is really quite blurred at Pennthorpe.   Traditionally extracurricular activities – such as learning to play a brass instrument, for example, or playing on the school netball team — are all part of the core curriculum here at Pennthorpe. Add to that the many workshops, day trips, residential learning experiences and special events that continually enrich the children’s learning and you begin to appreciate the magnitude of the blur. We’ll touch on just a few here to give you a flavour of the opportunities available.

Flexiday/Afterschool Clubs:

Our Flexiday Programme of afterschool clubs is extensive and hugely popular, with over thirty sessions per week timetabled for Lower School pupils.   The programme changes from term to term, but regular clubs include:

LAMDA Drama Tuition
Climbing Wall
Young Adventures
Dance – Tap/Jazz/Acrobatics
Street/Acrobatics and Theatre
Junior Fencing Tennis Academy Performance Tennis (invitation)
Bike Maintenance Skills Pantry Cupboard Baking Club
Multi Sports




Taking a dip

Wrestling in Judo

Strumming the guitar

Singing in Rock Choir