Lower School (6-9 Years)

Lower School (6-9 Years)

Pennthorpe Lower School life is like no other! Days are filled with learning, fun, creativity and laughter. Lower School days buzz with excitement and a quest to discover not only the world around but also the strengths and characters that lie within. Our staff are dedicated and determined to find what inspires each child and how best to help individuals along their own personal learning journey.

The Lower School years are a crucial part of your child’s Pennthorpe journey. Our aim is to build on the exceptional foundations already secured through the Honey Pot, Beehive and Reception Forms and provide a seamless transition throughout your child’s first few years in school. Children will develop key academic skills, a thirst for knowledge and an enquiring mind. Our mission is not just to prepare our children for future Pennthorpe learning, but to provide them with the skills they will need for life.

Our talented and caring team will support your child through every success and will be by their side through every step of their journey. They will cherish, yet challenge. They will care yet encourage. Teachers and support staff alike will nurture families through what is the most exciting and thrilling stage in our young people’s lives.

We very much look forward to working with you.


Mrs Kylie McGregor

Head of Lower School

National success for our pBuzzers

Bricklaying at Brinsbury College

Learning from the natural environment, just on our doorstep

Questioning prompts inspiration