They have loved playing with the baby dolls; showing their nurturing side by giving lots of cuddles and putting them to sleep. They also enjoyed hiding in boxes and experimenting with them too.

In Read, Write, Inc. they have been learning the ‘L’ sound. They tried to see how many words they could think of beginning with the sound, and how many objects they could find with it in the classroom!

Our Beehive pupils have been playing with their Maths resources, practicing their counting skills. They also practiced writing the number 3 and learnt all about the different ways they can identify it.

As it is Valentine’s day on Monday, Beehive have been busy making cards and talking about love. They have also loved playing in their florists, giving their teachers and friends flowers!

They also had an extra special visit from Lana’s kittens this week. They were so super soft and very cute! They loved learning about how cheeky they are, what they like to eat and drink, and how fast they move.

It’s been such a lovely final week of this half term!