Every student had a part to play in the success of the show. The programmes that were handed out to parents and visitors had front covers that were designed by 5 different members of Pre-Prep, even as young as our Honey Pot. They all spent lots of time preparing their lines, learning the words to their songs and, of course, all of those marvelous dance moves. Every person in the audience had a huge smile on their face when they left the hall. The applause could be heard for miles.

Congratulations to everyone who took part and thank you to our Pre-Prep parents and guardians for their help with costumes, learning lines and their support on the day!

Don’t forget to order your photographs of the utterly fabulous Pre-Prep performance: https://www.onlinepictureproof.com/mattlinkphotography/albums/schools/646776/

Parents can find the password on the weekly communications email from Friday 3rd December.