Early Years (2-5 Years)

Early Years (2-5 Years)

Your little one is about to embark on one of the most important journeys of their life: the start of their education. Pennthorpe’s aim is to make this an exciting, stimulating and enjoyable experience which will not only establish the skills necessary for successful learning but will also inspire within our children, the joy of discovery and the desire to learn more.

We understand fully how this can be an anxious time for parents as well as children and Pennthorpe works exceptionally hard to provide parents with ample information to support your own and your child’s journey through the Early Years at Pennthorpe.

We offer our children an appropriate curriculum, which is designed to challenge and inspire but also allows the children to be successful and flourish. Most importantly, we support the children with a staff of highly qualified and experienced professionals. These people are our most essential resource. They will support your children in every aspect of their development, not only in their academic achievement, but also to ensure their happiness, well-being and progress every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and welcoming atmosphere so during your time at Pennthorpe, parents are encouraged to engage with staff if you have any questions concerning your child. Our promise to you, and your children, is embodied in the following simple aims:

  • We will give each and every child an all-encompassing curriculum where they can learn, discover and explore.
  • We will provide a stimulating and safe environment where children will discover how to look after each other and indeed the world around them.
  • We will celebrate every child’s achievements and yet learn that making mistakes is acceptable.
  • We will ensure that the transition from home to school is as smooth as possible.
  • We believe in fostering a trusting and confidential partnership with our parents.

We greatly look forward to getting to welcoming you to Pennthorpe, to get to know your children and you as parents, and potentially, to many happy and rewarding years of working together at Pennthorpe.

Liz Thompson

Head of Early Years


Learning to focus

Exploring the world around us: there's lots to discover

Learning to express ourselves: in writing or however we need to

Working together to find the way

Learning to compete: everyone's a winner at Pennthorpe!