In topic, they have been learning about the Carnival of the Animals. The children listened to the music and created dances to represent all the different animals.

In English, they have been learning all about similes. The children wrote their very own similes all about different animals.

In Maths, they have been learning all about finding one more, one less and comparing numbers, using the more than less than and equal to signs.

In Forest School, Lupe and Ella P were their classes’ camera crew. They took some beautiful photos of their time out in the woods. We really do have some wonderful photographers in our Pre-Prep.

In Art, they created their very own carnival masks, so they can wear them at their Pennthorpe Carnival in March!

In Science, they learnt about the parts of the ear, creating their own walkie talkies out of string and cups. They also saw how sound waves can move rice.

A fun-packed week!