Following our school motto, ‘non nobis solum nati’ (born not for ourselves alone), Saskia has been inspired to consider how she can help others and has chosen Child Line as she is keen to help children of her own age. Additionally, her mum used to work for the NSPCC, so she knows quite a bit about the good work that both the NSPCC and Childline do.

Saskia made over 40 bracelets during the Christmas holidays, which she is now ready to sell. She’s really enjoyed the creative process, so is excited to make more, taking bespoke orders if requested – she loves making them and knowing she’s helping others by doing so. She would like to thank her Mum and Dad for supporting her, as they are funding all the materials she needs to make the bracelets.

Each bracelet costs £2.50, and Saskia’s set herself the target to raise of £50!

Saskia will be outside school selling the bracelets, and taking orders, for the next 3 weeks, on Mondays between 4:00 and 4:45pm and on Fridays at 5:00pm. Please do come and have a look and support the young entrepreneur!

Saskia is also running a competition ‘Guess the number of beads on the necklace’. It is 50p entry, and the closest three guesses win a prize!