At the beginning of the week, Year 1 looked at finding the difference by subtracting in Maths. They then moved on to learning all about 3D shapes!

In Science, Year 1 loved looking at their baby photos and seeing how much they have changed since then. They had a great time playing guess the Year 1 baby from the photos!

In Art, they have kicked off our Carnival topic with and bang and started making their very own musical instruments. We can’t wait to see how much noise they can make!

During Computing, Year 1 have been exploring programming and the word ‘algorithm’. The children enjoyed instructing their partner robot to different locations in the classroom using directions, ready for programming a BeeBot next week.

In English, they have been looking at the Holi festival of colours and have been brainstorming ideas and creating their own colour recipes filled with adjectives, time connections, imperative verbs and the use of commas.

They had such a brilliant time in Forest school, Oscar was our very our camera man and took lovely photos of his classmates playing in the woods, which you can see below.

We are tired just reading about all of the things they have done this week! Wow!