They discovered that Chinese New Year celebrations begin on a New Moon and end 15 days later with a full moon lantern parade. The children decided that they wanted to recreate their own Chinese New Year.

Firstly, they learnt that to celebrate Chinese New year, people eat particular foods; so the children made some stir-fry vegetables and noodles. They had a go with chopsticks and finished their banquet with a fortune cookie. After break, the children listened to the story of The Great Race whereby the Jade Emperor helps the animals settle an argument about who is the fastest. In fact, the rat wins the race as he is very clever and uses his brain rather than his speed to win. The children had fun retelling the story.

The children had the opportunity to paint Chinese numerals, make fortune fish and made a junk modelled dragon. They had so much fun dancing with the dragon and making music.

What a way to celebrate!